I get a lot of clients asking for help with certain things. I’m happy to help of course! But a lot of things are asked quite frequently, so I thought I would start making some tutorials for you all. Currently I have not found a good program to record my pc screen so as to make video tutorials, but if you know of a good program please contact me and let me know! I know video tuts would be more helpful, and I’d love to make them if I have the right software to do so. For now these are text/photo tutorials and links to outside tutorials I’ve found to help you. I hope they provide you the help you need, but if not, feel free to message me anytime and I’ll do my best to help you with your issue :)

Here (or from the dropdown in the menu above) you will find all my Niteflirt and WordPress tutorials.


WordPress website tutorials & help:

WordPress.org’s ‘Intro to WordPress’

How to add/use photo galleries in WordPress

**Backing up and Maintaining your new WordPress Website- MUST read!!**

Filezilla Tutorial- Filezilla is a free FTP program to upload and download files to your server (this is for those with their own website and hosting)


Niteflirt Tutorials & Help

How to change font/text sizes/colors on Niteflirt Listings

How to host and add photos to your Niteflirt listings (using Niteflirt File Manager, this is for those without their own hosting)

How to create your Niteflirt payment mail buttons

Image coding and how to attach PTV codes to custom buttons on your Niteflirt listings

Advanced tutorial on image and link coding for Niteflirt listings