How to Host & Add Images to your NF Listing

Probably the most common question on the Niteflirt Forums is how to add images to your Niteflirt listing. In order to add photos, you have to first host the photo- essentially store it somewhere on the web. Then you will get the code to put into your listing that will make the photo appear. If you don’t have your own hosting, Niteflirt has added a File Manager so that we can now store images on NF.

It’s really simple- just go to your account page on Niteflirt, and down near the bottom under ‘tools’ is a link for File Manager. Once it opens up, hit the browse button to find the image on your pc, and upload. It will show you the image has been uploaded, and give you the code for the image on the left hand side. Click in the box where the code is, and copy the code. Then go into your listing edit box, and paste the code where you want your photo to appear.

Add anything else you want in your listing, when done, hit ‘OK’ at the bottom, you’ll come to a new page that shows how your listing will look when saved. If you did it right all will look good- save your new listing by hitting ‘Submit my listing’ and that’s it- you’re done!  :)

(If your listing doesn’t look right in the preview, or you get a page that says your code can not be saved, you have done something wrong. Go back and try again. If you continue to have issues feel free to message me for help.)



If you need further information on coding images, such as how to link your paymail (PTV) buttons or other images to URL’s so pressing the image clicks through to the linked URL, I have a tutorial on that too!

:) Mia