Niteflirt payment mail button creation tutorial

In order to sell things on Niteflirt, you must make payment mail buttons. Basically you are creating a mail that will be sent to clients who click on your buttons. When they click, they receive this email from NF automatically. Then they have the option to purchase it at the price you’ve set. Once purchased, they can see what is inside, or attached, to the mail- like photos, text, MP3′s, etc. These are also used for tributes and tips of set amounts. Often I am creating a listing for someone new to Niteflirt who does not know how to make these so that we can use the new button images I’ve made. So here’s a little tutorial that will hopefully help those new to Niteflirt flirts out :)

First, you need to login to your Niteflirt account, and go to your account page. The NF page has several purple icons on it for different things. One of these is to create buttons. Click on that icon, as shown below.


Once you click there, other options will show up below the icon. Click on the one for ‘payment mail buttons’ as shown below:


This will bring you to a new screen, where, if you have payment mail buttons already set up, they will be listed here. Most likely at this point you won’t have any. But there is a link here to create a new button, and thats what you’ll click now. For future reference though, note that once your payment mail buttons are made, you can come back here and edit them any time, as well as grab the code again if needed.

Once you click on create a new button shown above, you will be taken to a new screen, which is close to what you see when you make an ordinary customer mail. The very first thing you will do is click the drop down to choose what type of mail it is- typically you will always use ‘pay-to-view’. This option allows you to send a mail to the client that they can not view *until* they have paid. This is very important, if you pick the wrong option here, such as payment request, the client can see what you are sending without paying, allowing them to get free stuff. So always use pay-to-view (PTV) so they must pay first. Some flirts use payment request for tributes and tips- you can do that, as there is nothing they are paying ‘for’ that you need to hide so technically that one makes more sense, but it really doesn’t matter, so for safety sake I just always make sure it’s set on pay-t0-view for each payment mail button.

Now your screen will refresh and you’ll see there are more options to fill out, such as payment amount, and description. See my notes on the graphic below as to how to fill these out.


Ok, so check and make sure you’re set on pay-to-view, then fill out a title to the email, the amount you are charging, and the description. As noted, the description CAN be seen by the client prior to payment, so don’t put anything secret here. You can use this area as general description of the item, or to give a little tease that will hopefully make them more likely to buy- just don’t give too much away. Then the main email section and any attachments are what is hidden from the client until they pay. Fill out the main mail section. Then pick the listing this will be ‘attached’ to from the next drop down there- The listing you pick here is the listing where NF will assign any points or feedback given to this item. This is also important for LVS- listing value score, which helps you in the search rankings. Lots of sales will raise your LVS, so you may want to put something you think will sell well on your best listing to keep it’s score high, or on a lower LVS listing to help it’s rank go up, etc. If the listing to which you assign a button is ever deleted, the button will then be auto-assigned to your highest ranked listing, although you can change this at anytime.

So if you are selling something like photos, vid’s, MP3′s, you will need to attach that file to the mail. click on add/remove attachments and you’ll be taken to this screen: UPDATE! NF now has added NF File Manager to help us host our content, so the page will look a bit different then below. That’s ok! Just follow the prompts within NF file manager and you will upload your files, same as before. It just looks a bit different.

Upload your file, attach it, and hit ok. This will take you back to your mail. If you aren’t using attachments obviously skip this step.

Once back in the mail if everything looks correct, hit the submit button at the bottom. This will take you to a preview screen showing the important parts of info you’ve filled out, such as the price. Make sure it all looks good and hit send. You will then be taken to a page with two options for codes for your new button. One offers you the option of using the standard NF button. If that is how you’ll display these on your listing, choose that code, copy it, and go paste it into your edit listing box. Upon saving the listing you’ll see your new button with your item for sale, and you’re all done for that button. If you are using custom buttons such as ones we’ve made with your listing design, you choose the smaller code- this is the link to your payment mail without a button image code. If I’m doing your payment mail buttons because you’ve paid for installation help, you will be sending me this link for each button made/item for sale. If you’re going to attach them yourself, you will use this link along with the tutorial here on my site to show you how.

So now your payment mail button is created :) Just make sure you put it on your listing! lol These can also be used on your personal website or blog. When clicked the customer will be prompted to login to or register for Niteflirt in order to pay for your item.

Questions? Feel free to contact me. But this is something I do not offer paid help for- as NF is very strict about security, as they should be, I cant log in to your account. So this is the one thing you absolutely have to do by yourself. But feel free to ask questions if you get stuck.