Free Promo Images

Here are some Promotional images for various Niteflirt marketing campaigns and for pimping the Niteflirt Affiliate program.

They are free, hotlinking is not allowed, please save to your computer and upload to your own hosting. Thanks!!

If you are looking for an image for a particular Niteflirt advertising/marketing campaign, and don’t see a relevant image here, please let me know- I might be able to work something up for you.

I’m all for promoting Niteflirt- I’m a flirt too ;)

NEW Summer 2012:

Fuck you over Fridays:

Niteflirt Marketing, Niteflirt Affiliate Program banners

Some of these banners will have the NF name and/or number on them for general promotion. Other’s will be ‘blind’ banners, without either, these are best used to promote the affliate program, or should link directly to Niteflirt. As per The Goddess Leesa, ‘blind’ banners are best when promoting an affiliate, as since they don’t know what company it is, they must click it to get to Niteflirt- this way you definitely get commission if they sign up. If it has the name or number on it they might not click the link and just go there themselves or call in, and you would lose out on the commission.