Freebies- Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Niteflirt Freebies:

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‘I follow NF TOS’ image- I see many girls who write on their listings what TOS they will NOT do. This is awesome- however, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. Reason being, that as text on your listing those no-no’s are searchable, so if a guy goes into NF search and searches for girls who offer these things (age-play, incest, scat play etc) they will actually find *your* listing! As we know, lots of guys don’t read what’s on the page, they just call- so this results in you getting exactly the calls you didn’t want :/

It is highly recommended that instead, you put this text in an image on your page- so it is not read by the search engines. I have created two simple images for you to use for free if you’d like. One on black, one on white, both the same image.

If you feel I’ve missed anything just let me know!