New! Quick, Easy & Inexpensive Niteflirt Template Design option

I have a new option for those looking for a cheaper / inexpensive Niteflirt listing design. I see a lot of flirts asking for free Niteflirt templates, quick Niteflirt templates, or who want a nice custom template but it’s not in the budget. So I’ve come up with an option to meet this need. Instead of a full custom template, I will now offer an option that is one whole graphic, with your custom colors, name,  tagline, text, and photos. Because this is just one big graphic, no coding, and no buttons, it is much cheaper then a custom Niteflirt template and can also be completed much faster- turnaround time will be 48 hours, price will be $30. I will host the image so you don’t have to worry about that either! I will just give you one little piece of code that you’ll put in your NF listing edit box and your new listing graphic will be complete. I am calling these Q&E Templates- quick and easy :)

A note about this type of template:

Text in a graphic is NOT searchable. Why does this matter? If you want guys to be able to find your listing by searching certain text keywords in google or the NF search box, your listing will not show up for any search terms that are on a graphic- you must type the actual text into your listing. However, if you’d like, you can list some specialties or other keywords underneath the graphic, so these words will be in regular text, and therefore searchable. If you want to do this, let me know, and I can add it in the code for you.

These listings do NOT come with buttons- if you want custom buttons, let me know and we can discuss the additional charge.

This is geared towards those flirts who just want a custom, inexpensive Niteflirt listing up quick and easy.

So here are two examples of my new Quick & Easy Niteflirt Templates’: (these are re-sized smaller to fit the posting box, click on them for the full sized versions which are 750px wide. This size will be standard unless otherwise requested.)