Photo Editing

I offer many different types of photo editing. From simple blemish removal, to more in depth photo manipulation. Photo editing varies greatly so it is priced per project. You will need to contact me with your needs and in most cases at least one photo so I can quote you a price. In most cases the price will be very reasonable- probably lower then you expect! I also offer discounts for bulk orders. In the event that I feel your project is beyond my skills, I will tell you right upfront, I will not waste your time or charge you for something I can’t complete to your 100% satisfaction. This should not happen often, I am quite skilled in the services I list below, but there are still variables such as quality of the photos, etc.

Photo editing is the only service I offer that you pay for AFTER the work is completed. Once I accept your project your satisfaction is guaranteed- if I can’t edit your photo to your satisfaction you pay nothing :)

Here is a list of some of what I offer. If you don’t see what you need, contact me with information on what you’re looking to have done and I’ll let you know if I can help you.


~Watermarking- I can watermark your photo with whatever you’d like to help prevent theft.

~Adding Text to your Photo- I can add any text you want to your photos, and have 100′s of fonts to choose from! From regular, to ‘funky’, script, gothic , etc and even fonts that look like real handwriting ;)

~Cropping and resizing

~Add borders/frames to your images, your Niteflirt name, or even turn it into a gif with some sparkles or whatever you’d like.

~Gifs- I can create a gif for you from multiple photos.


~Blemish removal- from acne to tattoos, beauty marks/moles, razor bumps, unwanted hair, etc.

~Touch up- clean up lines/wrinkles, dark circles, stretch marks, discoloration, smooth out skin, etc.

Photo Manipulation-

~Remove unwanted items or people from your photo.

~Add items to your photo.

~Cut out your image from the background, leaving you on a transparent background.

Photo Editing Portfolio

I have done quite a bit of photo editing lately for flirts, but a lot of it has to be kept secret from prying eyes ;) And remember there is a satisfaction guarantee on photo editing, so if you don’t like my work when it’s done, you don’t pay- you’ve got nothing to lose!

Examples of some basic photo editing, removing dark circles from under eyes, and one photo we filled in the eyebrows a bit as the client said she went a little crazy with the tweezers ;) These images are animated showing the before and after.

Skin- acne, lines, scars/blemish removals:

Body Modification, nip & tuck: