PTV Games

I offer graphics assistance to those who already have an idea for a PTV game, but don’t have the graphic design skills to make it themselves. I do not do flash at this time, however I offer a unique game type that your customers will love. It’s simple and easy, but looks great! And because it’s not done in flash, it costs less then a lot of the flash niteflirt PTV games out there. So if you’re looking for an inexpensive PTV niteflirt game I may have just the solution for you!

I am able to take any graphic, either one you provide or one I provide/custom design for you, and make any part of that graphic an invisible link to your PTV mail. Take a look at some of the examples below to see what I mean- Each graphic has multiple spots on the graphic that are linked to individual niteflirt PTV mails. Scan your mouse over the image and you’ll notice that the whole image is not clickable, only certain spots are, and that is where your PTV mail link is- essentially an invisible button. Go ahead and click to try it out, it is just a sample mail from my niteflirt design account :)

*NOTE- these are very simple examples, I’ve done a few of these already which were really ingenius ideas and the guys are loving them, BUT understandably, the flirts do not want them shown here to prevent theft of their ideas.
These are just examples- your game would be completely original from your original idea:

The first is for a submissive character. The text one would write about the game to describe it to customers could be something like “My Master has many implements of pain and punishment he uses on me. Want to see me being punished with them? Click on each implement and you will receive a photo pack, or video of me being punished with that implement, or even an MP3 of me moaning from the delicious pain! Each of the 10 implements is used on different parts of my body, so I know you’ll want to view them all!”

The next game could be for any type of character, and really showcases how the PTV links can go anywhere on an image. Text that may describe this game to the customer could be “Wanna know what really turns me on? There are way more spots on my body that get me hot then just my breasts and kitty (although you know those get me so hot too!). There are 10 hotspots on this photo for you to find, and each one you find will reward you with a PTV for an MP3 of me talking about how hot that spot gets me ;) You’ll need to find each one to learn how to really please me, and when I see you’ve purchased all 10 PTV’s you will receive a special ‘reward’ video showing me caressing and teasing all these spots, working up to an incredible orgasm!”

These are just some samples of what can be done. Yours would be totally customized to fit your idea’s specific requirements. The background can be any type of graphic, whether it’s one of your photos or an image I provide based on your needs, or something you want me to make from scratch; any shape, size, color, you name it. In the examples above there are no buttons, but you can certainly have buttons if your design requires it. The buttons of course can be anything as well, your own photos or any type of button which I can design for you. I will do all the graphics for you and create the game, sending you the code and one image you will need to host yourself. Once the image is hosted and the code is in your listing- that’s it! It will be one complete image with fully working ‘invisible buttons’ so guys can click to their little heart’s content :)

Pricing would depend on how much customization you want:

$25 to add ‘invisible buttons’ with the links to your PTV’s on a photo/non-custom graphic (one you provide or I find for you to use).

$35 for the above plus custom buttons I will design for you to use on the graphic.

If you need me to create an extensive background image from scratch then it would be priced per project, contact me with your needs for a quote. *note- you may believe your idea needs a custom made graphic when in fact I may be able to provide you with a commercially usable stock photo that will not need customizing- this will keep your cost down and I will always offer this if possible. So don’t be afraid to contact me with your idea fearing you will need customization that will drive the price up- that may not be the case! Contact me and I’ll work with you to find the best, most budget-friendly solution.

Another related idea:

This type of format can also be used to make an image that displays your PTV’s. They would not be able to be changed without paying me to do so, so it wouldn’t work for all needs, for some a PTV display (that I do not offer at this time, but I can point you to those who do!) may be a better option. But I think it still may be a neat way to display multiple PTV’s of the same theme. Here’s a simple example, with examples of simple types of buttons that could be used:

Interested? Contact Me with your ideas and let’s make a fantastic custom Niteflirt PTV game or PTV display that your guys will love!