Hypnotic Animated Niteflirt Template

Hypnotic Niteflirt Template: This non-exclusive Niteflirt Template is white, bright blue, and black. The header is animated to give a hypnotic effect, along with the matching footer. Includes 8 static Tribute buttons (tribute 25/50/75/100/250/500/750/999) and 16 static text buttons (Leave Me Feedback/ Buy My Goodies/ Buy My Yahoo ID/Buy My Skype ID/Buy My ID’s/ Buy My Video/ Buy My Photos/Buy My Story/ Buy My Recording/Buy My Assignment/Buy My Application/Hear My Voice/View My Website/View My Blog/View My Twitter/See My Wishlist). $35.00

hypnoticassign trib25


Header and footer shown here watermarked to show animation. Full template below shown static just to show whole template. Header and footer are animated. Can be made static if you desire.