New! Purple/Silver 2017 Premium Template

Purple/Silver 2017 Premium Niteflirt Template: This non-exclusive Niteflirt Template is black, purple, and grey with a tasteful amount of white sparkly accents. The header will be customized to your character (free) with your flirt name, custom text, and a cutout of one of your photos. Below that I will add 3 of your photos, and a tagline if you have one. After that is the main template area for your text and additional photos. It also includes a matching footer with the text ‘Call Now!’ which can be changed if you prefer.

Includes 11 static Tribute buttons (tribute 5/10/15/25/50/75/100/250/500/750/999) and 16 static text buttons (Buy Now!/Leave Feedback/ Buy My Goodies/ Buy My Skype/Buy My Yahoo/ Buy My Video/ Buy My Photos/ Buy My Audio/Buy My Story/Buy My Assignment/Hear My Voice/View My Website/See My Tweets/See My Instagram/View My Wishlist/Read My Blog).  $65.00

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